The SAAB 9-2X Aero made it through the night
At least Patty managed to not look like a creep
Cruise On
Wiser words were never stuck to the back of a truck
The real cause of railroad decline in the US
Not even an exit
The SEARS Tower?
Chicago. Bleh
They love their indoor theme parks here
77 in a 65 - the nice officer let me off with a warning
Did surfing alligators even need an ark?
The Kalahari water park. What?
Apparently we're stuck between NY state and Maine
No longer the hottest thing this side of the Mississippi
Out of the warning zone - Cruise control off!
A desolate little graveyard
Mmmm road steak
St. Charles is super patriotic
Yeah wind power
Nothing runs like a Deer
Industrial-sized bird shredder
Some towns are full of themselves
The D2X
Yet another small farm in the crumbles
Gassing up the Saabaru in snowy So-Dak
I-90 was closed for a day before we rolled through

NYC to Seattle

Day 2

Indiana - South Dakota
April 1, 2009
NYC to SEA 1 2 3 4 P